Wood Countertops: Good or Bad for Your Brentwood Home?

Wood Countertops: Good or Bad for Your Brentwood Home

Are you considering getting wood countertops for your Brentwood, TN, home? If you are, you need to be aware of both the upsides and the downsides that come with wood countertops. While wood is certainly a great and beautiful countertop option, you'll want to be sure that the upsides are good enough to justify living with the downsides before shelling out the money for a wood countertop.


* Comes in a variety of beautiful colors and designs

* Boasts a unique natural design

* Helps to save the environment since wood is a renewable resource

* Adds value to your home since wood can be costly and stunning


* Requires regular sealings to prevent staining and bacterial growth

* Prone to scratching from day-to-day prep and work

* May need costly refinishing services to get it looking good again

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